A Tiffany Walking Tour

  • Grand Central Terminal

  • 42nd Street between Lexington and Vanderbilt Avenues, New York, NY 10017

Every day 750,000 people pass through New York’s Grand Central Terminal; and even so, this bustling train station just may be one of the most romantic places ever. Inside this massive palace of polished marble and brass, underneath the colossal Main Concourse with its astrological ceiling, countless lovers have rushed into each other’s arms. Here in this grand hall of hopes and dreams are spectacular people-watching, sumptuous architectural detail, the romance of a bygone era of steam engines, and poignant embraces. Many fine restaurants beckon but none more famous than the Oyster Bar. Before you enter, however, linger outside the door in alternate corners of what is known as the Whispering Gallery. Here, people in love from around the world send each other secret messages. Grand Central is filled with romantic echoes and alluring treats. As you enter or leave from the Vanderbilt Avenue entrance, look for the door to The Campbell Apartment®. Yes, Mr. Campbell once lived here; and you are invited to come up and have a cocktail in his 1923 Florentine-style living room. It’s all in Grand Central and it’s all waiting for you.