A True Romantic

When a true romantic falls in love, look out.

Chris met Francesca at a seminar in England. He was instantly transfixed, as never before, by her beauty and confidence. Later he found himself speaking to a large audience, and there she was again, this time staring back at him. He struggled to regain his composure, his heart in his throat. That night they walked on the beach and talked until the sun came up.

After a storybook courtship Chris was ready to propose. But as a true romantic everything had to be just right. No detail forgotten. She mustn’t have a clue. Asking for her ring size, for example, was out of the question. He carried a tiny tape measure, looking for the perfect moment while she slept. Meanwhile he studied her taste in jewelry. He secretly consulted her closest friends. He read everything about diamonds.

After more research he decided that New York at Christmastime would be the most romantic place to propose. But time was getting short. On a whim he called Tiffany in New York and entered into a long discussion with a salesperson about the perfect place to propose. The Bow Bridge in Central Park sounded just right. Then he began discussing a particular ring he had in mind. By the time Chris hung up, the ring was his.

Chris remained adamant that Francesca be totally surprised. When the plane from London landed in New York, he called the salesman and arranged to have the ring delivered to the hotel lobby while his fiancée-to-be showered. The salesman was off that day but he made this delivery nonetheless.

After a carriage ride into the park, wrapped together in a fur blanket, they stopped next to the Bow Bridge. With the sun setting behind the Manhattan skyline Chris dropped to one knee. Francesca’s absolute surprise and acceptance could be heard from quite a distance.